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Elegant, yet functional, our Low Profile Davit System is one of the most popular designs on the market today. With features like, roller bearings, extendible stainless steel nose and a weather protected electric winch it is easy to operate. Its Low Profile design helps it hide next to your tender to keep your yacht from looking cluttered. Made from 5000 series marine grade aluminum and painted to match your yacht's color with a 3 part linear polyurethane finish it will continue to look good and give you years of trouble free operation.


Our “LOW PROFILE” series davit system is an up to date version of the old style fixed arm pipe davit. Now made easy with a two position articulating arm, the “LOW PROFILE” is able to be raised in the “up” position for being used on lifting loads, and then “lowered” or parked in the “stowed” position when it is not. This keeps you away from always having a davit pointing up in the air, giving your yacht a clean and uncluttered look. While in the “stowed” position, the davit “hides” from view, keeping a “low profile” next to, and no higher than your tender until needed.



Key Benefits of Owning a Nick Jackson Co. Low Profile System

  • Full 360 degree rotation on Timken roller bearings, not plastic.
  • Releasing the front pin allows the boom to gently “float” to the up position, where the pin is inserted to lock it there.
  • A Powerful winch, enclosed in a weather protected housing inside the davit.
  • Highly polished stainless steel extendible nose for various reaches.
  • 40’ of 7 x 19 aviation grade stainless steel cable, with highly polished stainless steel weight, and s/s hook.
  • Water tight remote control pendant with a 12’ cord length lets you control your system away from the davit, to tend to your lifting load.
  • Pneumatic assisted boom for easy movement up and down positioning.


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Data Sheet:

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