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Our new “MINI HYDRAULIC” series davit system is the latest addition to our popular Low Profile line of davit systems. Just like our standard Low Profile system the “MINI HYDRAULIC” system maintains a “low profile” when the boom is in the down or “stowed” position, hiding next to and no higher than your tender to keep the lines of your yacht clean.

When in use the boom is raised by the hydraulic ram to ANY “up” position, from level to nearly vertical with the push of a button, while being able to lift the rated capacity in all positions from stowed to full up position. This feature gives you the ability to reach and “pick” loads very close to the base of the davit as well as loads that are further away, making this the IDEAL system for yachts that have more than a single tender or jet ski.

The davit can then be easily turned by hand on its smooth roller bearings to the position necessary to pick up or lower the tender. Systems that have the power rotation option are positioned with the touch of another button. The powerful electric winch then raises or lowers the tender as necessary to launch or retrieve it.

Key Benefits of Owning a Nick Jackson Co. Mini Hydraulic System

  • Full 360 degree rotation on Timken roller bearings, not plastic. Or with the power rotation Package, no more pushing, all the power you need at your finger tips.
  • Hydraulic booming means variable pick points. Raising and lowering your tender has never been this easy, quiet hydraulic power by remote.
  • A Powerful winch enclosed in a weather protected housing inside the davit.
  • Highly polished stainless steel extendible nose for various reaches.
  • 40’ of 7 x 19 aviation grade stainless steel cable, with highly polished stainless steel weight and s/s hook.
  • Water-tight remote control pendant with a 12’ cord length lets you control your system away from the davit, to tend to your lifting load.
  • Standpipe for the system comes extra long. Usual length is 7-1/2 ft (90”) from the bottom of the davit to the next level or deck. This also comes with a standpipe foot for the pipe to fit onto.


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