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Below Are a few things you should know about the upkeep and maintance of your "Nick Jackson Co." davit system


Cable wear can very by how often you use the system. As a general rule we say you should change out the cable as soon as you start to see "spurs", "flat spots", or if the cable is having a hard time winding correctly on the drum of the winch.


Depending on the type of system you have will dictate your maintance of the bearing(s)

Low Profiles- upper bearing is a "timkin" roller bearing, and needs to be greased every two years. the lower bearing is a compression bearing that you should lube every year w/ a light teflon grease or spray.

Pipe Davits- Have a UHMW( ultra high molucular weight) bearing and needs to be lightly greased every year w/ a spray - it is located under the"bell" of the davit arm.

Mini hydraulics- If your system has the hydraulic rotation option, then you should refer to your owners manual to find the specific maintance of your system.

Linear- all linear systems have two bearing surfaces - One is the ring bearing on the ouside of the unit, and the other is internal rotation unit. the ouside ring bearing has "zert" fittings to grease the bearing. This should be done at least once a year, or more depending on the use of the system. Please refer to your owners manual for care and upkeep on the internal unit.

Painted Surfaces

All of our davit systems are painted using a 3 part polyurathane, along with a chem dip that



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