Here are a few questions that are assocated with purchasing or installing a Nick Jackson Co. Davit system.

1) Will the Davit match the color of my boat?

Answer: Yes. Each system is match painted with a three part polyurathane. If by chance your boat is a custom color, or we don't carry the color, we can have a piece from your boat computer matched and a batch of your custom color made to paint your system.


2) What electrical requirments will the davit take?

Answer: That depends on if you decide on a DC or AC unit - We cater to 115-240 vac to run off the genset or davits in the 12 or 24 vdc that run off house battery banks.


3) What if I need more reach then what your stock unit shows?

Answer: From 1 inch to an extra 10 feet we can make sure the system you choose will fit your application. By making the system fit your needs, and not fitting your needs around the system, we ensure you can fully enjoy your boating experiance.


4) Where should I place my davit?

Answer: First you need to make sure you know what tender you will be using. By know the beem and length you can see where your tender will best fit, be it on the top deck, foward deck, or transom. After you have decided where you want your tender here is a simple sheet to give you an idea of where the davit needs to be in relation to where you have placed your tender. "Spec sheet placement"


5) What capacity do I need?

Answer: After deciding on what tender you are going to be using, call the manufacturer or have a local yard weigh out the tender- remember, if you get the information from the manufacturere you need to add the extra gear that you will normally have in the tender ( life jackets, crab pots, battery, ect..) to the standard weight. After finding the weight of your tender, you should always go 20% below the rated capacity of the davit. AE- If your tender weighs in at about 800 lbs you should get a 1000 pound capacity davit. because of rain water, jerk loads, extra gear, and many other veriables, your davit should never be rated at what your tender normally weighs( an 800 lb capacity davit for a tender that weighs in at 795 lbs)

6) Who installs the davit?

Answer: Once you have decided on what type of davit you need, we can help you find an installer in your area. Or if you are comfortable with a yard or personal mechanic we can give them a step by step guide on the installation, we are also always glad to answer any questions that might come up while in the process of the installation.