Transom Davits

The “Power Transom Davit System” is a new development in lifting systems. Different than any other system designed to date. It has many advantages over conventional systems, the most being that it saves you valuable deck space on board by suspending the load or “tender” at the back and off of the yacht’s transom. Your deck space can then be used for more important uses.

The transom model is easy to use. It saves you valuable deck space and mounts on your transom. It stores your tender up and out of the water horizontally, and lets you launch and retrieve with ease in seconds by remote control. Some systems have the tender parked down low, mounted on the swim step, very close to the water's action. Not ours. Keep your tender away from the water, safe and high.

We have 3 basic sizes to choose from: 500# , 1000# , 1200#

*Special Custom units to 2000# available for larger applications*

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500 lb capacity

For smaller inflatable tenders. this unit give the user a light and easy way to lift the tender instead of using a "Flip" design.


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1000 lb Capacity

This unit will cover the magority of all tenders up to 10. For inflatables with or without a center console. with a 1000lb lifting capacity you can now keep gear in the tender instead of having to load and unload each time you launch.


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1200 lb capacity

For the larger RIB and solid construction tenders up to 14'. when you have a large tender, or one that is outfitted with a large amount of gear, this is the unit for you.