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The perfect "reaching & lifting" system in the most compact form available in today's market. Advanced Technologies are all incorporated in this beautiful form for your easy use. Saving you valuable deck space while giving you the reach and power of bigger and longer "old style " unit.




Key Benefits of Owning a Nick Jackson Co. LX Linear Xtending System

  • Silent 4 function fully hydraulic operation " EXTEND, BOOM, LIFT, ROTATE"
  • Reach- retracted 6'-2" , extended 9' max the davit has the capability to be used in ANY reach position.
  • Pyramid or standpipe type base. Gives you more flexibility on how and where you can mount the davit.
  • Flow controls on each function. Speed up or slow down each function to your specific needs.
  • Marine grade aluminum body. Strength and low weight
  • "Sampsonite" Amsteel blue rope. Less weight, more strength, abrasion resistant, all around better then stainless cable.

Nick Jackson Co. LX Linear Xtending Models
  1600# -- Linear--Pyramid
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